HPE Greenlake + GuardData® = the most flexible hybrid cloud services

Are Amazon and Azure not able to give you the possibilities and service you need?
Experience how exceptions are standard at our platform en learn how easy it is to scale up and scale down!


We bring your (legacy) software to the cloud. Deliver a world class experience to your customers or employees. Stability and speed is combined with guaranteed availability. Deploy your application to new customers in minutes.

Make a zero worries transition from Capex to Opex. Enjoy dedicated hardware, very experienced professional services and guaranteed performance, with the scalability of the cloud.

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Storage as unusual

Ensure application and data availability by adding top notch storage facilities to your network. Extend the lifecycle of your existing hardware and licenses by moving workloads and storage to your own secure and flexible Private Cloud.

Our seamless integration with your storage infrastructure gives you the performance, availability and security of on premises storage with the flexiblity and scalability of a cloud solution.

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Back-up & recovery

Increase your data security and enjoy 100% protection for your data with the highest level of back-up isolation from Ransomware with object lock and immutable backups.

Experience the best performance for secure off-site back-up storage and super fast recovery.

Request a free test with our top notch Backup & recovery facilities today.


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Exceptions are standard at GuardData

We guarantee the security and performance of our cloud infrastructure, of course. But we also live up to expectations when you challange us with a specific need that is not serviced (or only with extreem costs) by the well known big service providers.

Onze we have created the solution set for your exception, we make it a general serivce. That makes it easy for you and other customers to  expand or deploy new environments.

We are proud of our flexibility and create a test environment within 2 working days in 9 out of 10 Proof of concept requests.

1 Customer in 4 continents, 11 countries (reference case)

Onboarding is as flexible as our integration facilities

Call us

Challenge us with your custom needs! Together we define the goals for the free trial or Proof of Concept. We want to understand your needs and get to know eachother.

i Many of our current customers first tried to land thier workload on a mainstream provider like Azure or Amazon. They found out the hard way there are different kinds of flexible We will assist you in defining the applicability and performance you need to test.
Proof of Concept

Test our solution to your future needs. Get insights in feasibility, yield and un-look for gains

i A free trial can start next working day. A deepening Proof of Concept might take some more preparation time. An all encompassing test will give insights in the applicability and in the future possibilities
Fixed price offer

Choose the financial model that suits you. Enjoy the ease of our flexibility.

i Once you are convinced of the added value of our solution and services, it is time to choose the levels of performance, security and service you need to meet or exceed the expectations of your customers or users. Do not retire, our plans are flexible, so scaling down is just as easy as scaling up.
Transition to live & SLA

Smooth transition with our seasoned experts. Enjoy the ease of our flexibility and services.

i The best result of a proper Proof of Concept is the easy transition. Our Experts have a habit of implementing customer specifics in to a standard roll out model. Thus we prepare for any abrupt additional or reimplementation.

AXEZ in a 2 minute video

In a decade AXEZ has proven it’s core value to customers by building complex, stable infrastructure environments. We offer and support a complete and secure hybrid solution, in which we combine on-premise design and implementation of systems with our cloud solutions. What can we do for you?

AXEZ introduction video (2 minutes)


Companies around the world achieve operational excellence with Slimstock. Slimstock is helping hundreds of businesses to increase product availability & minimize inventory costs, all while maximizing customer service levels.

We maximize the user experience by delevering Slimstock at the best possible speed and reliability. On 4 continents in 14 countries companies rely on the information from Slimstock unknowingly enjoying the flexibility, performance and availability of GuardData.

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Storage as unusual

If you simply need more storage you could get it anywhere. But is you need seamless integration with your HPE storage infrastructure We are the go-to-party. Extend the lifecycle of your own storage infrastructure by adding GuardData as a near onsite volume.

We have dedicated resources and guaranteed key performance indicators. Experience our truely flexible scale up & down facilities combined with the best of breed integration facilities.

Offsite Back-up & Recovery

If you have pricavy critical data and need a sound defence for a ransomware free back-up comfiguration, safe offsite back-up is a necessity. We have specialiszed in privacy offsite back-ups and service Social service organizations, companies and health care organizations (care & cure).

We integrate with any back-up solution and offer dedicated resources both in hardware and professional services.

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Safe and Sound

We are well aware that your data is important and it might not even be yours. So we acknowlegdge our shared responsibility and take pride in the technological and organizational safety precautions we have been able to certify.

We are certified for ISO9001: 2015 (sound processes), ISO27001: 2013 (security) and NEN7510: 2011 (security concerning patientdata). Of course we also meet the strict European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / AVG).